Lumberock® is made of a combination of recycled plastic materials and a mineral compound. These boards are not PVC or composite. Lumberock® uses innovative extrusion technology to combine a mineral-fill compound with recycled high-density polyethylene plastic. This formula allows us to manufacture solid, fully synthetic boards that are extremely durable. Lumberock® uses one of the highest percentages of post-consumer recycled plastic. This means that Lumberock® recycled plastic lumber is largely made up of the milk jugs and plastic bags you recycle at home.

Your boards will not absorb water as they are a closed, non-porous molecular material. There is no organic material in these boards and therefore they will never break down, rot, or decay.

No special tools are required to install Lumberock®. You can cut, drill and router the boards using the same carpentry tools you would if working with wood.

No pre-drilling is necessary to install our recycled plastic lumber.

Proper gapping is necessary to accommodate a small amount of thermal expansion that is common to all plastic lumber materials. Lumberock boards do not need to be gapped side-by-side. The amount of expansion/contraction that occurs will depend on the length and temperature of the board at the time of installation. The most significant changes in the length of the board will occur when you are working in extreme temperatures. High altitudes will also increase these estimated expansion numbers.

You can expect that a 12-foot board installed at 60 degrees F will expand 1/8" on each end of the board. Therefore, an end-to-trim or end-to-house gap will be 1/8" while two boards placed end-to-end will require a 1/4" gap. Keep in mind that boards in direct sunlight will be warmer than boards stacked underneath.

Lumberock® boards can be placed as close to the ground as needed as they do not require any ventilation

Light colours are not hot under foot, but dark colours such as chocolate, brown, and black can be hot as any material of these colours would be.

Lumberock®will not discolour from bleach, chlorine, or bromine. Wine, BBQ grease, or sun tan lotion will not stain or discolour the boards. Campfire sparks will not burn the boards. Your boards will not rot, mold, split, warp, or twist. They will not droop between joists when hot. Fascia boards will not become wavy in extreme heat.

Lumberock® is a mono extruded, solid, one-piece material with no cap or skin. This allows for solid colour throughout and cutting and shaping the same as wood. This includes ripping, sanding, routing, bevelling, scribing, bending, and planing and allows you to give your project a finished look.

Scratches and exposed ends can be heated to restore surface colour.

Standard lengths include 12 foot, 16 foot, and 20 foot. Custom lengths are available with a minimum order of 500 L/F of that specific length.

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5/4 boards can span 16 inch centres.
2x6 and 2x8 can span 24 inch centres.

Lumberock® is manufactured in Elgin, Illinois.

Rest assured that your Lumberock® recycled plastic lumber products will last for years with our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our warranty protects against rotting, splitting, cracking, splintering, peeling and insect infestation. Year after year, we promise that your Lumberock® Premium Decking products will maintain their beauty and durability.

Above all else, know that our company's core values of honesty and integrity are engrained in the products we make and the work we do everyday. Our strong customer values push us to constantly improve both our product offerings and our service levels.

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Screws provide superior strength and performance. When using a premium product like Lumberock® we recommend using a premium stainless steel screw like the CAP-TOR® XT Headcote Screw which is colour matched to your board. Clips are not recommended due to the weight of the boards.

Cap-Tor® xd Headcote screws are available in packs of 350, 1050,  and 1750 collated for the Muro Ultra Driver.